How to find confidence in the gym?


How did I find confidence in the gym?

I just had to try. I had to feel really uncomfortable and anxious and just do it anyway. I just had to start showing up. It definitely was not graceful or easy. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to make sure I understood the form and I went in with a written plan of exactly what workouts I wanted to tackle.

I found that having a gym buddy to share the comfortability with was key, you just need that support those first few times and then you will feel like a pro! If you don’t have a gym buddy, ask one of the trainers to walk you through the first time or two… seriously!  

I also studied my own gym and found the busy times and realized gym is super dead on Friday evenings, so I always go on Friday evenings. This is where I can try new things and take up as much space as needed and I don’t feel like I am being watched or judged because there is basically no one there.

It can be intimidating to start a routine in the weight room, especially when it is filled with huge men who clearly call this their second home. You have just as much of a right to be there as they do. They all started as beginners. Do not ever forget that you must begin in order to succeed.  

It is NEVER easy to try new things or go to new places, especially if you have a tendency towards social anxiety like I do. Know that you can go as slowly as you need, but that you must do things that scare you. It is in this way that you will grow and learn that you can do those scary things and you can be all that you wanted to be, and more!