How To Stay Motivated + Prioritize


A lot of people often wonder how I stay motivated. I have had women marvel at the fact that I am so able to juggle social media presence, blogging, school work, career, social life and love life and still have time for health and fitness.

Don’t get me wrong, by nature I am a very self-motivated person. When I want something, I will move mountains to have it come to fruition. On that same note, I need you to understand that you cannot do everything at 100%. You cannot give yourself 100% to health and fitness and also be 100% with your kids or with your career, whatever it is. You have to choose to split yourself accordingly, you have to make priorities.

When I was working out twice per day I was not spending any time with my significant other at that time. There was a disconnect in that relationship that I was choosing to avoid and was instead focusing my energy and resources into other areas. Understand that just because someone seems ‘goals af’ does not mean there ENTIRE LIFE is goals. They may just have different priorities than you right now.

Prioritizing is the number one way that I stay motivated. It is not through looking at photos of women that are ‘goals’, it is not Pinterest quotes or some secret that only myself and a few women seem to possess. No, for me, prioritizing is the mechanism that allows me to operate across all of my obligations and hobbies, wants and needs. I have to constantly check in with myself to find what needs to be done versus what I want to be doing.

Sometimes I get in a super quick workout because I know that I will mentally feel healthier if I spend more time getting my home organized, or spending that time with my fiancé. Sometimes (often) I choose to focus on writing a blog post while at work or knocking out some required reading for a class. There is NOT enough time in the day to give all of you to everything. Put self-care consistently as one of your top priorities.

It’s okay to take days off from certain responsibilities. It’s okay to constantly be re-prioritizing. It’s okay to realize your priorities need to be heavily reassessed. Allow yourself some wiggle room, set some boundaries, lean in…This is where we grow.