Life Is Good


I just thought I would give a little life update so hopefully you will excuse me slight absence…

Life has just been really, really good. Not really good as in perfect but really good as in pure joy. As you know, I am a graduate student, so that takes up a good bit of time. I was recently engaged, and I constantly have wedding planning on the brain. (Even though we are like 485 days out...)

I have gained a bit of ‘happy weight’ which was making me feel a little bit ashamed, so I think that is partly why I was withdrawing sharing photos. I KNOW, I know. It’s silly and it happens, but I just felt like I let myself down and let all of you down… I still workout at least 5 times per week and am quite active, but I had let me nutrition slip. This was mostly due to going through the ‘bulk’ in winter to gain muscle and then growing accustomed to eating more food, then I was going out to eat a bit more and drinking a bit more. I want to get myself back onto a more disciplined plan, not because I think I look bad now, but because I just feel better when I fit better in my clothes, and they have started to get a little snug. I am going to be doing this ‘cut’ by replacing one snack per day with a kombucha and watching my portions. I am aiming for around 1800 calories per day until I notice that my clothes are fitting better, then I will readjust for high calories for maintenance. This is something I will definitely keep everyone updated about through Instagram as I had a lot of interest in how the kombucha was affecting my body and what changes I was noticing!

Largely, I no longer feel the need to escape my life by working so hard on getting content for my Instagram or blog. Yes, I still enjoy it and love all of you, but I also am really loving staying present in my life. I like going on adventures and not having to spend hours of daylight getting good photos etc.

I am sure that I will be re-inspired soon and will be back to regularly updating the blog but until then, you know where to find me…And please if you have a topic or something in particular that you would like to hear from me about, comment or message me and let me know!