My Journey to the Tarot (What is Tarot, how to choose a deck, and more)

Photo credit:  Sara Myers

Photo credit: Sara Myers

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed an increase in the amount that I talk about Tarot. I have been sharing things little by little, and thought it was time to write it all in one place. This post will outline how I came to the Tarot, what the fuck Tarot even is, how to choose a deck, what Tarot is good for, and how I use it in my own life.

Okay, so what is Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The deck is made up of 22 Major Arcana cards (Big Energy and big life lessons) and 56 Minor Arcana cards (the things we experience on a daily basis). The Minor Arcana includes 40 numbered cards organized by suits, with 10 cards each, representing various situations that we encounter. To put it simply, Tarot is simply a tool. How you want to use it is completely up to you.

Tarot reading is the practice of gleaning Universal wisdom and guidance through a specific spread (or layout) of Tarot cards via your intuition. The cards do not simply tell your fortune, and one does not have to be a psychic to give Tarot readings.

What can it be used for?

Tarot is perfect for self-development, mental clarity, financial planning, making decisions, manifesting goals, relationship advice, writing a book, meditating—whatever you might want to consult the Tarot about, that’s what it can be used for.

I use the  Starchild Tarot  deck

I use the Starchild Tarot deck

How do you choose a deck?

There are SO many Tarot decks to choose from. There are traditional Rider-Waite decks that are simple that you can find on Amazon that are great for learning. However, I didn’t feel particularly moved by the imagery of the traditional deck. I would recommend that you visit your local metaphysical shop and look through their deck options. Thankfully, a good friend of mine brought me to the Tarot and took me to a shop in Durham, North Carolina that had all of the decks that they sold open so you can finger through the cards and see each one. This is my recommendation, actually hold the options in your hands, look at the photos. If the imagery isn’t speaking to your soul, it isn’t your deck. Now, this is just my advice, you could very easily just choose your first deck to learn with and that will be fine. I plan on purchasing other decks as I get more business so that clients have the option to choose which deck they would like for me to perform their reading with.

How do you choose a spread?

Just as there are many decks to choose from, there are many spreads as well. And you can even make up your own. A spread is how you lay out the Tarot cards and can be anywhere from a 3 card to a 10 card (or more) layout.

If you are new to Tarot, I would recommend getting comfortable with 3 card spreads such as Past, Present and Future or Situation, Outcome, Advice before moving onto the Celtic Cross or other more complicated spreads. Check the booklet that came with your deck, there may be some spread layouts provided to help you start.

Do I need to cleanse my cards?

Yes. It is important that you clean and cleanse your cards regularly to maintain a positive connection. Sometimes very heavy and dark things will come up in your readings, and you don’t want that energy to linger. You will probably know when you need to cleanse your cards, I can tell because they just don’t feel right. Once you start trusting your intuition, you’ll see what I mean. You will definitely want to cleanse a new deck, or if they have been sitting without being used for a while, your cards have fallen, you feel disconnected from the deck. I also clean my cards between readings for other people.

A cheap and easy way to cleanse your cards are with a moon bath. Stick the cards outside or in a window sill on a full moon to charge the cards and clear the energy. Of course you can also smudge the cards with Sage or Palo Santo but be mindful about where it is being harvested from.

My Tarot Ritual

I personally pull a card every single morning and then write that card and its meaning into my journal. Sometimes I pull the journal back out in the evening to see if that morning pull makes sense. This is a great way for me to know what challenges might lay ahead in the day, what tools I might need to tackle the day ahead, anything of that sort. I sit in a comfortable seat, light Palo Santo, choose a crystal to meditate with, and then shuffle and do my pull. This is my favorite ritual, as beneficial to my health as the gym or eating healthy.

I do a more in-depth spread on myself about once a week, or if I have a decision or something pressing that I need Divine wisdom for. If there is an issue that I feel I cannot be objective about, I consult another Tarot reader to have them read for me.

I hope that you found this super helpful and informative. The Tarot has definitely changed my life, and it can change yours, too. If you would like to book a reading with me, please follow the link below.

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Tarot is a powerful tool. You don’t necessarily need to believe in magic, but you do need to be committed to your self growth and believe in your capacity to evolve. I will not be telling you the exact future, but the Tarot will reveal where you need to let go, where you should lean in, and what you should be watching for on the horizon.

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