My 2019 Goals

My 2019 goals!

My 2019 goals!

I realize I’m a bit late to the “new year, new me” resolution season blog posts. I personally love any reason to take a look at life and consider what I can improve, and this year it took me a little longer than just January 1st to decide how I wanted to move forward. I took time to consider all the main factors of my life and considered what was going well and what needed some work. From there, I came up with a few things I’d like to achieve in the upcoming year:

1 Find passion and creativity in my career.

This is quite the ongoing saga, isn’t it? I swear I change careers like some people change their bed sheets. Slowly I have been pinpointing and fine-tuning just what it is that aligns my passions with a career. In 2019, I plan to make enough money doing what I love that I don’t have to stretch my time with a full time position just to pay our bills. If i calculated how much time I spend on unpaid work (the work that sets my soul on fire) I would probably shed a tear or two. I suppose it doesn’t need much more elaborating than that, the goal being to work just as hard, if not harder, and get paid doing it.

Steps to get there:

Staying grateful for each opportunity

Utilize my Master’s program and education

Stay consistent

2. Read 50 books

For a while I abandoned by most treasured hobby of reading to pursue travel and my education, but now that I have picked reading back up, I want to aim for 50 books this year. I will keep my Goodreads updated throughout the year to measure my progress!

3. Keep growing on Instagram, without focusing on numbers

I hope to continue creating visually appealing photos for my bookstagram page. A year ago I would never guess that this would be a 2019 goal, but here we are! I am wholly unfocused on numbers, I learned that lesson the hard way before. I do want to test various posting times and days, but more for professional growth and skillset than anything. I want to grow in quality, not in quantity. I want to grow in connections via comments rather than hollow likes. There are so many people still to connect with on bookstagram and in the Potterverse!

4. Be approved for one major ARC

An ARC is an advanced reader copy; a copy of the book sent to reviewers prior to the official publishing date. I really want to make connections with publishing contacts and be approved to review one ARC on my social channels and blog!

Steps to get there:

Establish an up-to-date contact list for major publishing companies

Develop an email template that includes what I have done/can do and the monetary worth

Stay persistent and don’t get discouraged!

5. Focus on optimizing my blog

While YouTube is super fun, and I would love to grow there as well, I ultimately prefer writing to talking so I want to place the focus in 2019 on learning more about SEO and how to get traffic directed to my book reviews in this space. Not only do I want to get the traffic, but maintain it!

That’s it! I’m not trying to change my whole life over here (that was so 2018), I’m just trying to improve on the life I already love. What are your goals for this year?