Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer! I absolutely love when the weather gets warm and the beach gets busy. This will be my first summer living in LA county and I am so stoked to have the opportunity to be at the beach whenever I want. I know not everyone lives in a similar geographical area, but I wanted to put together my own summer bucket list for those of us on a budget!

  • Street fruit, kombucha and the beach (or at the park!)

  • Hikes and picnics

  • Learn to surf

  • Day trips! (Santa Barbara, SLO, San Diego, Big Bear)

  • Rooftop pools

  • All of the sunsets (or sunrises)

  • Take your work out to a new location - a local park, beach, or other outdoor space

  • Free movies - check your city or surrounding cities for free movies in the park or at the beach

  • Kayaking or stand up paddling

  • Hike to a swimming hole

  • Play a game you loved as a child

  • Read one new book per month

  • Check out a community event - whether it’s a free concert, art walk, or something else entirely

  • Ask one Instagram friend to hang out irl

  • Be a tourist in your own town - see things through fresh eyes

I hope you all have a wonderful, and safe, summer! Tag me in your insta stories if you end up doing one or more of these things so I can see!