How to Keep My New Year’s Resolution

Walking into the New Year like. . .

Walking into the New Year like. . .

Wondering how to keep your New Year's Resolutions?

Are you ready to start the New Year right? Are your resolutions ready? Do you have big plans for losing weight, sculpting the perfect body, traveling more, launching your blog, eating right and finding the love of your life?

Statistic Brain ran the numbers; only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Oftentimes, people make resolutions because they think they should, not because they really want to change in that way, at that time.

I will admit that this is a great time of the year to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. I find it to be a very introspective and healing time for myself. I also want you to know that ANY time is a good time to reflect and set intentions. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year or the beginning of another.

This is also the time when we need to be vigilant about media messages being directed at us. This is one of the prime seasons for diet culture. It is such an easy time for us to fall for marketing and media schemes to make us believe that we need to change. That we need be smaller, better, smarter. Be mindful that these messages are only trying to get you to feel bad about yourself so that you will spend your money. You do not need to be (skinny, in a relationship, curvy, wealthy, perfect, popular, insert adjective here) to be worthy of a beautiful year ahead. YOU get to decide the life you want to live. YOU get to make the changes that you think will bring you the most joy.



Keep it simple – By simple, I don’t mean easy. Keep your goal specific. I used to be really guilty of setting these lofty and broad goals. It makes the goal much more attainable if it is specific. Set many smaller goals that add up to your one big goal. Instead of, I want to be healthy in 2018 make it, I want to drink 3 gallons of water a day or I want to go to the gym 3 days per week. Reframe your goals with targeted and specific information and I promise that you will find it to be much more attainable.

Set intentions – There is power in intention. Sound too yogi-hippie-weirdo for you? Read more about the Law of Attraction! Having daily or weekly intentions is another important layer to meeting your goals. You can incorporate a meditation practice in your daily rituals or you can write out your intentions, repeat them while you are brushing your teeth . . . it doesn't need to be glamorous to be effective. One of the intentions that I want to manifest in the coming year is: I intend to respond first, then react. This intention will help me to achieve my larger goal of being a calm and kind partner. 

Write them down – Write down your goals on a paper, on a mobile note, on your calendar. I cannot stress the importance of writing out your goals enough. There is something magical that happens when you speak and write your goals. It just becomes more powerful when you can actually see it and it doesn’t just live in your head.

Let others know – Accountability is key. Sometimes, we don’t want to let our friends or family know that we are going after a goal for fear of failure. That’s ok. It doesn’t have to be them. Create an Instagram and find like-minded individuals pursuing similar goals, join a Facebook group or a community group. Goals become more long-term when we don’t go at them alone.

Change in the ways that are meaningful to you – Do not set a goal to change because someone else told you that you should. This is for you. This is about your happiness. Set goals that fuel your fire, not dull your sparkle.

Approach your goals with grace – You don’t have to be perfect. There will be a learning curve. It won’t be easy. You won’t be perfect at it. That’s ok. When we abandon the idea that we have to be perfect at something, we allow space for more long-term change.

Be patient with yourself - Speak to yourself from a place of love. It won’t happen overnight. Stop tearing yourself down when there are bumps in the road or minor detours in your journey. You got this.

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10 Misconceptions About Going Vegan

Local farmers market finds

Local farmers market finds

  1. You will never get to have your favorite junk foods again. Wrong! This used to be the case but welcome to 2017. We now have restaurants entirely devoted to cooking up delicious vegan foods like pizza, manicotti, nachos, cheese platters and decadent desserts. You can even find vegan burgers next to the ground beef in participating supermarkets.

  2. You will lose weight. You might, but it isn’t a guarantee. Like I said, there are amply junk foods out there. A common misconception is that because it is vegan, it is healthy. It probably is healthier, but everything in moderation. That being said, you are guaranteed to be healthier in terms of heart health, blood pressure, cancer risk etc. but losing weight is not a given.

  3. You will be ridiculed. Often not the case. With social media and the rise of veganism, you are bound to make plenty of friends with similar dietary and lifestyle choices! There are even apps to meet likeminded individuals, or try going to a Veg Fest!

  4. It’s more expensive to eat vegan. Again, largely not the case. Think about your grocery bill, what is the one food group that costs you less than all of the others? Meat, right? You will totally be cutting this out and therefore saving yourself lots of money. There are specialty vegan food items that can be pricy, but you don’t have to buy those things or you can reserve buying those things when you catch them on sale or feel like splurging. Vegan options abound at farmers markets and Aldi.

  5. You have to go vegan overnight. Nope. You can totally cut things out one at a time and move at your own pace. For some, it’s easier to cut it all out at once but that’s up to the individual.

  6. Vegans are mean. They are human. You will find, though, that most are very compassionate and caring individuals. Often it is their passion that comes off as aggressive, haughty or even mean. Once you have this knowledge that few people want to listen to, it can be hard to maintain your cool. Most are very eager to welcome you into the vegan family and offer their own struggles, tips and personal stories.

  7. You have to become an animal rights activist. You don’t, actually. There are a variety of reasons that someone might choose to go vegan. It could be the latest trend, for the health, for the environment or for personal preference. There are also degrees of activism, a small percent of vegans are fulltime activists and some are activists in small ways, rather than out on the picket line.

  8. I only need to modify my diet. Actually, the term vegan encapsulates a lot more than just what you eat. You don’t use products that are tested on animals or that may contain animal ingredients. This constitutes an overhaul of your house cleaning supplies, the types of alcohol you drink and even the clothes that you wear. Again, you don’t have to change everything overnight. Or you can just opt for a vegan diet and forget about the rest. That’s totally up to you and your comfort level.

  9. You can’t go out to eat or over to friends’ houses. Again, not the case. There are tons of restaurant options. If you are worried about a particular restaurant, call ahead and ask if they can make you anything – usually they will have side options at the very least. As for going to dinner parties with friends, this one gets a little more tricky. You can either accept that you can’t be perfect and just try your best or you can eat beforehand or even pack your own. I have been known to do all of these. But, hopefully, you will have wicked support friends and family who make sure you have at least a couple of options. The first Thanksgiving and Christmas are always rough but be proactive and bring a vegan twist on a favorite dish and you are sure to win over the naysayers.

  10. Veganism will make you unhealthy or weak. Definitely not! There are numerous professional athletes that follow a professional diet. There are even more vegan bodybuilders, professional and amateur alike. As for unhealthy, I encourage you to read through scientific literature about plant-based diets or put on a vegan documentary touting the benefits. If you need ideas or more support, check out my blog posts on going vegan here, and here.