Trust Your Voice

As many of you know, I started graduate school this semester to begin my pursuit of a Master’s degree in the Humanities. The first day of class, my advisor and also the professor of this course asked more seasoned academics in the class to give me advice on writing. The graduate assistant said, learn to trust your voice. You know how when you read something or someone says something that clicks with you on such a deep level that you weren’t even braced for the impact of their words? Yeah, that happened then. 

Wow. For how many years have you been going through life without trusting YOUR voice? For how long have we all been looking outward rather than inward for the reassurance of what is right? What is true? Our own intuition, our own opinion, our own version of the truth. THAT is what we have to learn to listen for, what we have to learn to express.

It is a challenge for me to use and trust my voice, especially in regards to this blog and to my Instagram. I know how it feels to want to look outside of yourself for guidance, reassurance and validation but everyone you need comes from within. Stay true to your authentic self and you can't go wrong.

How can you apply this to your life? Maybe you aren’t a student or an aspiring writer but maybe you are a mother. Maybe you are a wife. A CEO. A business owner. A woman. In all areas of your life, trusting your own voice is paramount. Maybe you need to whisper before you can roar, I get that. I’m with you. Insecurities are normal. Fear is common. As women, we were told for a great number of years that our voice was insignificant; we were told that silence was beautiful; we were warned about speaking our mind. I am here to say, fuck that. 

You possess the power to find your own unique voice. And when you do? USE IT. TRUST IT.