2017 Vegan-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

“Help I’m a vegan and I don’t want to give non-vegan gifts!” Or maybe you just need some inspiration to finish up this year’s Christmas shopping. Or maybe you just want to treat yoself...Look no further. 

I have put together gift ideas for various people in your life. Most of these things are items that I have used or currently own, so you can take my word for it! 

Foodie Christmas Gift Guide

Foodie Christmas Gift Guide


  • I have been eyeballing these sustainable utensils for daily lunches and also for travel. These could double for the traveler in your life as well!
  • I use a tofu press nearly every time I cook. Before I had one, I was using books and dish towels and it was just a mess. Do the veggie foodie in your life a favor and hook them up. 
  • If your foodie friend has a sweet tooth, I would definitely recommend placing an order with Hunnybon sweets - the caramels are to die for. 
  • Who doesn't love a subscription box? Get Raw box is my favorite foodie box and each box really does last a long time. These are also good for travelers or just friends and family that are looking for more natural brands and items to use around their home. 
  • I don't really think you can ever have enough grocery totes. I use them every week and I even take them with me on trips (because you just never know when you will need to do some shopping) 
Fitness Enthusiast Christmas Gift Guide

Fitness Enthusiast Christmas Gift Guide


  • If you haven't heard me talk about the Ellie box subscription then you probably don't follow me on Instagram (which you should). I would highly, highly recommend this box for any of the fitness enthusiasts in your life - yourself included. I can attest for the fact that we just work out harder when we feel cute. 
  • Like grocery totes, I don't think we can ever really have enough reusable water bottles. I actually tend to lose mine over time, so I'm glad I have extras. 
  • Protein bars are not cheap. This is why it makes a great gift! Treat them to some delicious protein bars or switch it up and be original by ordering them some of the protein popcorn (and feel free to use K8CANRELATE at checkout for 15% off, I get a small commission if you use it, so just don't if that's weird for you!) 
  • I don't use it as often as I should but I love my acupuncture massage mat. It's basically like a massage that you don't have to pay for every time you want one. I know I would be stoked to receive this as a gift, whether I was a fitness enthusiast or not. 
  • Resistance bands are a great additional to gym or at-home workouts. They are perfect for traveling because they are small and easy to pack. Basically, they are essential. I use them every single time I train legs. I ordered mine from Amazon and they work great. 
Christmas Gift Guide For the Traveler

Christmas Gift Guide For the Traveler


  • A friend introduced me to the Lush Sleepy lotion and my life has been forever changed. This would be a great gift for anyone but I am particularly suggesting it for the travelers in your life because I struggle to sleep in unfamiliar and new places. This lotion is a travel must! 
  • I know not everyone is as bookish as I am and I know that a lot of people carry e-readers now. I mean, it definitely is better for the environment etc. etc. but I just CANNOT fully give up my paper books. The smell, the feel of pages between my fingers. . it truly is a love affair. I digress. Buy your nerdy travel friend a book to read for their layover, flights, or just to relax with.  
  • Sunglasses are one of those things that are perfect year-round. There are expensive brands that are oh-so-trendy that I always think I want, until I remember that I am not rich nor can I keep the same pair for very long (forever losing or breaking them). I found this brand of affordable AND trendy sunglasses and am a big fan. They have lots of designs but these are especially great for the person in your life that has been bitten by the travel bug. 
  • I mean, who doesn't love a travel pillow
  • I mean... I guess they would have to love to travel AND like to drink for this gift to work. But, I mean, you can never have enough of these cool Carry on cocktail kits to pass around (or keep for yourself) 
  • I am trying to get better about bringing my reusable coffee cup with me everywhere. I really am trying to be mindful about the amount of waste I am contributing and an easy one to fix are coffee cups. There are lots out there, but I find this one to be my favorite and particularly reliable. 
  • If they love to travel, chances are they want to document those travels. If you want to buy them a camera, I'm sure they will love you forever. But, odds are, they already have a phone they use or a camera. A tripod is definitely on my list this year.   
Beauty Babe Christmas Gift Guide

Beauty Babe Christmas Gift Guide


  • I absolutely love the mission behind this skincare brand. Frank & Whit have amazing skincare, I particularly am a fan of their facescrub but you really cannot go wrong with any choice you make. These are great gifts and perfect as stocking stuffers. 
  • I have been consistently using the Tula cleanser for over a year now. I was originally sent a sample for free but it hooked me and I have bought it numerous times since then. I don't have bad skin, per say, but I do get breakouts. This definitely helped clear up my skin. 
  • I have the Clarisonic Mia 2 that I bought for myself last year. I was hoping it was not just something that beauty vloggers raved about because they got paid to. Thankfully, it really works miracles on my skin. I cannot recommend it enough! I use the Radiance brush heads as they seem to work best for me. These are pricy but definitely an investment well worth the price tag. 
  • I read about this mask on Facebook or somewhere random and decided to try it out. It's like the number one selling item on Amazon or something crazy like that! I know the benefits of bentonite clay so I imagined that it had to be good. It's a dry powder that you mix with equal parts apple cider vinegar. This is so cheap and will last FOREVER so I would definitely recommend getting yourself one as well as one for the beauty babe in your life. 
  • I had eyelash extensions for a few months and LOVED them. My local salon in Charleston, West Virginia has the best eyelash artist who is always running promotions and specials. I had to let my extensions fall out just because it is a lot of upkeep but they are so wonderful for events or vacations! The lashes that Sara uses are cruelty-free as well. I am sure you could easily find a salon in your location that uses cruelty-free lashes, just make sure you do your research. Or, if you are in the Charleston area, get a gift card from Spa Bliss and be sure to ask for Sara! 
  • As you know, I am trying to incorporate more sustainable practices into my life. I never thought about how much waste toothbrushes amounts to but, it's a lot. Opt to give the beauty babe or the environmentally friend babe in your life one of these awesome Boie toothbrushes and help out the Earth while you are at it. 
Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs


  • Of course I couldn't leave out the dogs in your life. If you haven't tried to make your own dog treats, you should! It's really simple (and they are actually very delicious human snacks as well) I have a recipe you here that you could use the mold to have snacks ready for the dogs on Christmas! 
  • I mean, if you don't match your kids on Christmas, what are you even doing? I don't know if my dogs feel embarrassment but I like to pretend they will inwardly groan as I strap on their Christmas jammies
  • Maybe you are vegan and want to get your friends' dogs started on vegan dog treats or maybe you want to stock up your own pup. I love this site for all of their vegan options but I especially love their starter kit as a Christmas gift!
  • Every dog needs a bed (preferably not yours). The same company that sells the vegan starter kits also sells these awesome eco-friendly dog beds that come in super fun colors. Let's be honest, the colors are more for us than for the dogs, but we can pretend. 

I hope you enjoyed this year's vegan friendly Christmas guide! Let me know if you end up buying any of it (for yourself or for someone else). You can also share this post to your Pinterest to save for later!