I love finding brands that share similar passions and interests as I do. I try to support companies with similar values whenever possible.

If you are an honest brand with an appreciation for living your best and healthiest life, empowering others or simply want to bounce ideas around, please reach out!


I always do my best to respond within 48 hrs.



Natural Citizen - Simplicity and quality set The Natural Citizen apart, and the two go hand in hand. They cut out the frills, flavors and miracles and deliver nothing but honest, wholesome quality-tested whole foods. Plus, every product they sell gives back.

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Square Organics - Square launched March 2012 with a belief that ingredients are what matter most. This starts with sourcing only the most nutrient-dense organic and non-gmo foods, and striving to work directly with farmers whenever possible to ensure an ethical supply chain from crop to bar. 

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