Vegan Donuts & Morning Sex eBook


Vegan Donuts & Morning Sex eBook

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5 simple and easy vegan breakfast recipes, 10 tips and tools to empower you to feel like your sexiest self & a few surprises. . .

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WOW it is finally here! This book contains some of my favorite breakfast recipes that are super simple and easy to make. From the worst cook in the kitchen to the most gourmet chef, you will be able to customize these recipes to your tastes and skill level. Perfect for both busy mornings or those slow Sunday mornings.

  • Do you lack self-confidence to be your real, authentic self?
  • Have you lost weight/gained weight and found that you lost pieces of yourself along the way?
  • Are you uncomfortable seeing your naked body?
  • Are you exhausted of hiding yourself?
  • Are you ready to finally embrace your vulnerabilities and celebrate them?

In whatever ways you answered those questions, the latter half of this book is for you. I want you to have the tools to feel empowered and sexy. I want you to know that you can be both soft and hard, rebellious and traditional, modest and sexy. You can be whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy. 

This is more than a self-help book; it’s a major stepping stone on the journey towards quieting your inner shame demons and awakening your inner goddess. This book will help you reclaim your power when it comes to your sexuality, your physical body, and beyond.

I hope you know that you deserve to have your wildest dreams come true. You deserve to harness the power of the Divine Feminine that lives within you, that flows through your veins. You deserve to feel like the sexy goddess that you are. You deserve all the best things in life. . .

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