Honeymooning in Mexico | How I Found Out My Travel Type

What is your travel type?

What is your travel type?

When I think of honeymooning, I always think of Sandals or some kind of typical all-inclusive beach resort with thousands of other newlyweds. For Danny and I, this isn’t exactly our type of travel. When we were planning our honeymoon, we originally thought that we wanted to visit Spain and train around the country. We quickly realized, however, that we wanted a respite from the busy-ness of life and a simple week spent together. Ultimately, we ended up finding a small, adults-only resort in the heart of the Oaxaca region of Mexico via a Reddit post that Danny stumbled upon during his scrolling. We purposefully chose our flights to include layovers for us to explore Mexico City (you can read all about that here!) I hope you enjoy reading about our week in Mexico. If you’re familiar with traveling in Mexico, please drop your favorite places in the comments as I already want to go back!

Check out this view of the Oaxacan coast!

Check out this view of the Oaxacan coast!


We flew Interjet from Mexico City to Huatulco airport in the Oaxaca region. This is a great budget airline if you plan to travel to Mexico, they even provide free snacks and drinks. Remember when airlines did that in the US? I digress, the Huatulco airport is small but very clean and surprisingly trendy. There were multiple angel wing murals on various walls, many food options to choose from, and the airport even has traditional thatched roofs. We had arranged a taxi to take us from this airport to the resort, and this was arranged through the resort itself. There seemed to be plenty of transportation options at the airport, but definitely do your research prior to traveling for safety and cost.

Danny hanging out under the palapa

Danny hanging out under the palapa


Tucked away in a remote corner of one of the poorest regions of Mexico was our honeymoon destination. Complete with only 4 villas, a palapa, a few hammocks, a pool, and private beach access we had reached our destination. We had selected the honeymoon package (duh) which basically meant that we would receive 2 drinks per day and an excursion of our choice included in the booking price. Mexico is a very affordable country because the dollar is so strong against the peso. Danny had never traveled to a developing country prior to this trip, and he could NOT get over how cheap things were. For a honeymoon experience, this resort was a steal. After living in LA County, we were amazed at the pure and complete quiet all around us. I kept saying, “shh, listen.” It was a sublime experience, just that.

Pool vibes!

Pool vibes!

When I say this was in a remote location, it was more so in the “country”. The power went out 3 or 4 times during our stay in the evenings. We ate our dinner in the mostly dark, and swayed in the hammock. They had the telescope pulled out one evening, and after the power went out, the owner’s got busy making calls, and Danny dialed in the telescope so that I could view the almost-full moon. It is moments like that, that make me feel such immense gratitude that tears well up in my eyes.

We essentially had the beach to ourselves day after day, we rarely saw anyone else besides a few divers looking for oysters. We climbed rocks, found tide pools and acquainted ourselves with all the local crabs. There was nothing to do besides explore the beach, walk 15 minutes down the beach to the little fishing village for a snack and a beer, read by the pool or nap in the hammock. This was wonderful, but it is for a very specific travel type.

The freshness of the food and drink…unbelievable

The freshness of the food and drink…unbelievable


We had already sent our dietary preferences ahead of our arrival, and without a doubt, the highlight of our time here was the food. Honestly, we could go on and on about it. As a vegan, you just come to appreciate things that mainstream meat-eaters take for granted. All-inclusive experiences are one of them. Vegans typically get shafted in these scenarios, very often there will be a few token vegan meals available but very rarely are they anything to write home about. Not so, at this place. Every meal is cooked by one of the owners, and she very clearly puts her soul into her food. Each morning, we were greeted with delicious local coffee (when I say local coffee, I don’t mean it was brewed locally, I mean the straight up beans are grown organically and nearby) along with a fresh plate of fruits. There were Asian, Mexican and even American inspired dishes throughout the week. One night, for dinner, we were served the most amazing sushi I have ever had in my life, bar none. And after? Warm almond cookies with hot Oaxacan chocolate. Okay, I will stop here as I’m sure you get the point. THE FOOD WAS GREAT. And if you want to see more of the food, you can watch this quick little video that I put together about eating while traveling.


We chose to go on a whale and dolphin tour for our excursion, and we made a day of it. The owners took us into the town of Puerto Escondido. The town is very well known among surfers. The boat tour itself was wonderful, we saw more sea turtles than I can remember and ended up finding a pod of spotted dolphin. (Please spend your money to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Please do not spend money to view animals in captivity.) After the tour, we went to a local coffee shop and tried their homemade jams and nut butters, and of course their coffee. Danny and I stopped into Hotel Sante Fe for lunch, which was a little on the pricey side (for Mexico) but was very delicious and had plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. This part of the city along the beach felt very touristy, but still somehow very quaint and charming.

When we returned back to the resort, we were lounging by the pool discussing what our favorite part of the trip so far had been. While we were loving taking things slow, disconnecting and unwinding, we realized that we were getting a little restless by this point of the week. Our travel type is definitely adventurous. We are explorers. I am sure we will have laid back vacations in the future, but expect our next few to be a bit more on the daring side.

In today’s world, it can be pretty invaluable to be offered an opportunity to fully disconnect from the hustle and bustle and just be where you are. We are so glad that we chose this as our honeymoon; our minds, bodies and souls felt so rejuvenated and reconnected to one another.

Do you know your travel type? Are you more of an explorer or do you prefer to have a totally chilled out trip? Let me know!

9 Ways to Spend Your Time That Don't Cost a Dime

Pin this image to save this post to read for later!

Pin this image to save this post to read for later!

Okay maybe that title is a little click baity because you will need to spend money on things like gas or food for a couple of these. But, for the most part, they are FREE. So, hopefully you will forgive me and keep reading. Our culture continually tells us that we must spend money in order to have fun, treat ourselves or see new things. I am here to call bullshit and to offer some (mostly) free suggestions on ways to spend your time without spending your money.

  1. Be a tourist in your own town - I have been guilty before of whining about wanting to go or do something new. When I started pushing myself to try new activities, restaurants, and see places I hadn’t before I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I didn’t need to spend money on travel to scratch that itch. Imagine seeing your town through the eyes of a tourist, what things would you do and how would you do them?

  2. Explore Nature - The best thing about Nature is that it’s always changing. You can visit the same park throughout the year and it will look different depending on the season and the weather. Take a hike, literally. Go to the beach. Borrow a hammock and tie it between the trees and read your book, draw, color. Take your workout outdoors. The options are endless!

  3. Pleasure yourself (or be pleasured by your partner) - This is one of humanity’s favorite pastimes. Get reacquainted with your body, your pleasure or that of your partner. It seems that we often forget that sex and pleasure doesn’t have to be quick, take your time, stay a while.

  4. Travel to a new country (without leaving your home) - This is something that Danny and I really enjoy for date night in. We choose a country and then we select a recipe, music, movie and a drink that are a part of their culture. It’s a fun way to to learn about a new place and experience parts of it without the cost of actually going.

  5. Take a cooking class - Speaking of cooking at home, there are lots of cooking demos on YouTube! Choose a type of food and do a quick search, run to the store for what you need and get cooking! There may also be cooking classes offered by a local culinary school or senior center. Check your local news or search Facebook events.

  6. Constellations - Download an app, visit an observatory. Or just go outside with a blanket and look up. No prior knowledge needed, all you need is a clear night and some time.

  7. Create: write, draw, sing or dance - Ah, the joy of creating. When was the last time you made time to create? There are so many cheap options. You can draw with a pencil or pen on paper (even napkins or scrap paper). You can get a cheap paint-by-number from your local art supply store. Coloring books are still a thing. Singing is free, and fun, especially in the car. Dance alone or with a friend. Choreograph your favorite song. You don’t need to be perfect or a professional to make something. Stop opting out of doing things you enjoy just because there is someone, somewhere that might do it better than you.

  8. Movie night - YouTube binging, something new on Netflix.. feeling really fancy? Project your flick onto the wall or a projector screen. You can theme your movie nights or just select at random. We live in a time where entertainment is literally at our fingertips. Depending upon where you live and the time of year, check around to see if there are any free movies playing. Lots of times there will be free movies playing in the park or at the beach.

  9. Free exercise class - You can easily find free yoga classes on YouTube without having to leave home. This is a great option if you want to try something new but don’t have the budget, or maybe you like to try things out privately before trying in front of a group. There are often free classes being offered around your city; this is a great way to try new things and meet new people.

Traveling as a Vegan in Iceland

Íslenska Flatbakan

Íslenska Flatbakan

Do you feel like everyone you know is making a trip to Iceland? Iceland is definitely experiencing a boom in their tourism sector, and for good reason. When I first met Danny, he had a trip to Iceland planned. He invited me along in passing, and sent over his flight itinerary. WOW Air has SUCH amazing offers to fly directly into Reykjavik – how could I say no? I booked my flight. (And the rest is history)

Fast forward to September, and we were boarding the plane headed for Reykjavik. I had anticipated that eating vegan in Iceland would be tough, as I had read blogs and seen posts about the Icelandic diet which consists of dairy and meat. Icelandic climate was not really made for the ability to grow vegetables and fruit, and the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is steep. I had done my research and knew to shop at Budget, which is a comparable grocery chain to Aldi. I had anticipated the need for snacks so prior to the trip I had purchased 2 boxes of GoMacro bars, Go Green Nuzest bars and a large tub of PB2 that I had packed up in our checked bags.

I was grateful for the forethought to pack snacks because we rented a car and were traveling a lot on the highway in the countryside of Iceland, and there were few food options. Also, food in Iceland is fucking expensive. If you are on any kind of budget, food is where you will need to be the most frugal. Shopping at Budget is definitely my recommendation especially if you are staying at an Airbnb or a hostel that has access to a kitchen. My other suggestion would be to absolutely take advantage of your duty free allowance on alcohol. Other than that, though, there was really no reason at all for me to be concerned with food options as a vegan in Iceland. The Icelandic word for vegan is vegan – so just tell your wait staff that you need your option to be vegan. They will let you know if it is possible, or not.

Below, I am going to share restaurants that we visited and tips for traveling Iceland as a vegan.

Pasta with red sauce and vegan crumbles, all found at a Bonus! 

Pasta with red sauce and vegan crumbles, all found at a Bonus! 

Bonus (grocery store) – Here you will find all of the usual food and pantry items as any other grocery chain. I would recommend pasta, red sauce sauce, the vegan beef crumbles, vegan jelly, oatmeal, frozen veggies and couscous. Be careful with the breads – I had to google Icelandic word for milk (mjólk). You can also find soy yogurt in the refrigerated section. 


Gló (restaurant) – Pictured above, this is an awesome spot for vegan options, we ate here twice at two different locations. They have a great lunch special where you can get an option with 3 of their salad sides. The lasagna is amazing!


Nordic Restaurant in Seyðisfjordur in the Eastern fjords – a few restaurants had closed for the off-season in Seyðisfjordur already but thankfully Nordic had a delicious in-house beet veggie patty and some falafel with fresh greens. They even have vegan avocado mouse on their summer menu – we were sad we missed it!


Havarí (restaurant and music venue) - Awesome spot off the beaten path. They started as an organic farm and quickly transformed one of the barns into an eatery and music venue. They host music festivals in the summertime, and have a friendly and adorable dog. They make their own vegan sausages which I would highly recommend trying and even buying to take with you on your journey. Very simple menu with lots of root vegetables, obviously, but very delicious. Great coffee, too!


Vínyl Kaffi (restaurant) – the one and only 100% vegan restaurant in Iceland. Amazing atmosphere, very fun on a weekend. They have a DJ spinning vinyl and amazing food, beer and dessert options. We both got sandwiches, very delicious and really big portions. A bit on the expensive side, but so if every restaurant in Iceland.


Gott (restaurant) – We took a day trip to the Westman Islands which I would highly recommend to make time for! We went to a restaurant and just asked for one of their menu options as “vegan”. They changed it up for us and it was healthy and delicious. A lot of breads in Iceland are not vegan, so most vegetarian options will have to lose the bun or bread. In this case, we got the veggie burgers and they did away with the bun but added steamed sweet potatoes and rice. 


Íslenska Flatbakan (restaurant) – BEHOLD! The first time I have been able to have cheese bread sticks since I have gone vegan. This is a small chain pizza restaurant that serve up craft pizzas and beer. Danny and I both would absolutely recommend you stop in, especially if you are a pizza lover. They have 4 vegan options to choose from, as well as the vegan cheese sticks. They have a pretty decent selection of beer as well. We still dream about this place.

Passion Reykjavík (bakery and coffee shop) - I don't have any photos from the inside of Passion, but take my word for it that it is worth stopping by if you have a sweet tooth. They have a small selection of vegan pastries but I would highly suggest that you stop in to sample one of each. It was quite busy with locals stopping in for their morning pastry and coffee, but the wait time was not bad. It is decorated quite elegantly and the pastries speak for themselves.  


  • There are cookies in the gas station that say “Veganesti” these are NOT vegan. I learned this from another traveling vegan who made the mistake of assuming.
  • A more expensive grocery chain, Nettó, is an excellent vegan resource. We found endless amounts of vegan options.
  • Really take advantage of Bonus, there are lots of frozen food options but plenty of staple pantry items that are simple and easy to cook up. They have a health section which even includes nutritional yeast. Don’t be afraid to look around and take time looking through ingredient lists.
  • If you will be cooking, pack a couple of Tupperware with you in your checked bag or carry on. We had to get really creative with our leftover food storage. 

The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five goddamn minutes. It’s totally exhausting.
— Stephen Markley

Travel with confidence knowing that there are plentiful amounts of options for you as a vegan in Iceland. Look for my next blog post about Iceland where I will discuss the sights we saw, the route we took and all of our itinerary suggestions for your next trip!