9 Ways to Spend Your Time That Don't Cost a Dime

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Okay maybe that title is a little click baity because you will need to spend money on things like gas or food for a couple of these. But, for the most part, they are FREE. So, hopefully you will forgive me and keep reading. Our culture continually tells us that we must spend money in order to have fun, treat ourselves or see new things. I am here to call bullshit and to offer some (mostly) free suggestions on ways to spend your time without spending your money.

  1. Be a tourist in your own town - I have been guilty before of whining about wanting to go or do something new. When I started pushing myself to try new activities, restaurants, and see places I hadn’t before I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I didn’t need to spend money on travel to scratch that itch. Imagine seeing your town through the eyes of a tourist, what things would you do and how would you do them?

  2. Explore Nature - The best thing about Nature is that it’s always changing. You can visit the same park throughout the year and it will look different depending on the season and the weather. Take a hike, literally. Go to the beach. Borrow a hammock and tie it between the trees and read your book, draw, color. Take your workout outdoors. The options are endless!

  3. Pleasure yourself (or be pleasured by your partner) - This is one of humanity’s favorite pastimes. Get reacquainted with your body, your pleasure or that of your partner. It seems that we often forget that sex and pleasure doesn’t have to be quick, take your time, stay a while.

  4. Travel to a new country (without leaving your home) - This is something that Danny and I really enjoy for date night in. We choose a country and then we select a recipe, music, movie and a drink that are a part of their culture. It’s a fun way to to learn about a new place and experience parts of it without the cost of actually going.

  5. Take a cooking class - Speaking of cooking at home, there are lots of cooking demos on YouTube! Choose a type of food and do a quick search, run to the store for what you need and get cooking! There may also be cooking classes offered by a local culinary school or senior center. Check your local news or search Facebook events.

  6. Constellations - Download an app, visit an observatory. Or just go outside with a blanket and look up. No prior knowledge needed, all you need is a clear night and some time.

  7. Create: write, draw, sing or dance - Ah, the joy of creating. When was the last time you made time to create? There are so many cheap options. You can draw with a pencil or pen on paper (even napkins or scrap paper). You can get a cheap paint-by-number from your local art supply store. Coloring books are still a thing. Singing is free, and fun, especially in the car. Dance alone or with a friend. Choreograph your favorite song. You don’t need to be perfect or a professional to make something. Stop opting out of doing things you enjoy just because there is someone, somewhere that might do it better than you.

  8. Movie night - YouTube binging, something new on Netflix.. feeling really fancy? Project your flick onto the wall or a projector screen. You can theme your movie nights or just select at random. We live in a time where entertainment is literally at our fingertips. Depending upon where you live and the time of year, check around to see if there are any free movies playing. Lots of times there will be free movies playing in the park or at the beach.

  9. Free exercise class - You can easily find free yoga classes on YouTube without having to leave home. This is a great option if you want to try something new but don’t have the budget, or maybe you like to try things out privately before trying in front of a group. There are often free classes being offered around your city; this is a great way to try new things and meet new people.