Staying Healthy While Traveling: K8CanRelate's Healthy Travel Tips

My healthy travel tips

My healthy travel tips

No surprise to all of you, I love to travel. Day trips, weekend getaways, international travel -- I love it all! However, traveling can be detrimental to our health especially when you are traveling frequently and always on the go. So how can you stay healthy while traveling? 

Enter my insider intel, all my best tips for everything you need to do to stay healthy, no matter where your wanderlust may lead. 

Numbero uno most important tip that I can give you: determine what kind of healthy you mean. For some, they want a physically healthy trip and for others they need to take a vacation for mental health. This post is more for physical health and well-being and less about indulgent trips. However, I am aware of how crucial it is to let go and indulge yourself every now and again (especially while on a vacation!) 

Plan ahead - pre-trip | Research the options before you go. What are some healthy restaurants in the area, is there a free gym, does the Airbnb have a full kitchen, is the city walkable etc. I am a planner by nature, so this is one of my favorite parts of traveling, the pre-trip is just as fun for me as the trip itself!

Sleep | Catch those Z's like a pro. If you have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places, I recommend trying Lush's sleepy lotion or a bedtime tea. Our bodies are already prone to sickness in new environments, don't put yourself at a higher risk by getting little to no sleep. 

Walk everywhere | If possible, opt for strolling around town to sight-see rather than hailing a Lyft. I get in more steps when I travel than I ever do at home. I usually don't visit the gym while traveling, so walking is my primary means of exercise. 

Utilize the free gym or try out a local studio | I love checking out local studios while traveling! I usually opt for yoga or cycle. This is a great way to feel out the vibe of a city as well as check out an area of town that you otherwise might not have. I just utilize Google to find websites for studios and then decide based on their location, schedules and overall vibe. If you are staying at a hotel that offers a free gym, go! 

Reusable water bottle | Don't forget to hydrate! It is much easier to become dehydrated while traveling, especially if you are flying or going to a warmer climate than what you're used to. Bring an empty reusable water bottle through airport security and fill it up once you are through TSA. If you are driving, you can bring more than one water bottle so that you always have a full one on hand. 

Cook your own meals | The easiest way for me to stay healthy while traveling is to book accommodations with a kitchen. This way, I can control what fruits and veggies that I am getting as well as how much sodium I am taking in. We definitely still like to go out to eat while we travel and it is often one of our favorite parts of traveling. However, it is more cost effective to cook your own meals and it is just healthier overall. Usually I will cook breakfasts, lunches and pack snacks and then go out to eat for dinner. I would suggest packing a few to-go containers for leftovers as well as reusable utensils. 

Be mindful of your immune system | Load up on good-for-you foods like fresh fruits and veggies. Go to your local health foods store and get some elderberry lozenges to pack in your bag. Wash your hands often while traveling, especially through airports and other crowded tourist spots. 

Limit your alcohol | By now, we know that alcohol takes its toll on our bodies. Limit your alcohol consumption while traveling. Ask yourself if it is really worth the headaches, hangovers and dehydration that will surely follow. 

Let go | Ultimately, worrying about staying healthy can cause you to be more unhealthy than just going with the flow would. Plan ahead as much as you can, but also be open to letting things flow naturally.

Don't worry, be happy, travel often.